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Casa Aurora is where the Magic happens!

An exquisite studio located in North Acton - West London.

Very easy access via public transport or, if you are driving, there is a parking space for your car.


Our Vision

How does Casa Aurora work?


Our purpose is to dismantle the concept of a "Tattoo Studio and Beauty Salon" 

Casa Aurora is an Artistic Space, designed to promote well-being and to help you rethink the concept of the "right" image, it is very important to keep this in mind! 

You must come with an open heart and be prepared to be honest about your wants and desires. 

Only then I can really understand you to turn your desire into Art.

The Tattoo Workspace

This is where Katia does her magic!

A very private and safe space in a cosy environment in the mezzanine.


Everything here is to make you feel good and comfortable. 

Hygiene standards are the highest and everything is well disinfected or disposable when it applies. 

Katia Barria is very concerned with safety and works in a way to minimise the pain whenever possible.


No rush, no pressure.

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