Every step of each single tattoo is very important, from general enquires to the creation of individual designs and the delivery of the final product.

Thanks again to my guests who enriched me with their life experience and gave me the chance to express my art. Check the gallery below.


How is the process of booking an appointment with me?

◦ To send a request or book an appointment, send an email to with the following information:

Tell me everything you are thinking about the drawing, what inspired you, the story behind.

Inspiring images or tattoos of my work.

Where do you imagine the drawing, it can be a photo too.

If you can use a ruler in this moment, do it! it helps a lot to know what size you have in mind.

What time would be good for you and if you are available during the week or only weekends.

◦ Within 15 days you will get an answer by email about your idea and there we'll talk about prices and dates.

◦ To book an appointment or reserve a drawing from the flash book I always request a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, let me know in advance and we'll find a new time for you. In case of not showing up or not letting me know at least 48hs before, the deposit will be lost. 

◦ I'm going to work on your design a day before the appointment and send you by email. Then we'll talk about it and change together if we need to.

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